Professional Wedding Photography

Hi, my name is Alin GLOD and I am a professional wedding photographer for weddings all over the world.

I started as a photographer in 2005 and since then I took a lot of pictures, I grew, I set my photographic style and I reached a level where my pictures are touching the soul of the people, and that’s what I enjoy.

My special talent is creating images full of emotions that tell your beautiful story. I am very passionate about my craft and I invest myself 100% into telling your story. My proudest moment is when my work overwhelms you and brings you to tears.

If that happens I know my job was done perfectly. 🙂

I like to travel to meet people, cultures and customs, and give them my joy and vision. I photograph people just as they are, usually excited and full of enthusiasm, the moments they live, what their story tells and I love it.

I consider myself amongst the lucky people who can say that they make a living doing what they love. For me, it’s like winning the lottery. Every day.

Availability is limited so book as possible and relax knowing that your story will be perfectly told. Let’s have some fun and make you a masterpiece wedding album filled with award winning fine art wedding photography.

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